Why Security Systems?

The Benefits of Compustar Vehicle Security Systems

The Benefits of Compustar Vehicle Security System Did you know that every 21 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the U.S.? More than 1.2 million vehicles will be stolen this year, costing more than $8.2 billion. The latest FBI statistics show that vehicle theft has been increasing during the past several years. Current data indicates that 62 percent of stolen vehicles are recovered, but this is often not a welcome recovery for owners, who inherit vehicles they no longer want, which in many cases are severely damaged or vandalized.

Even when a vehicle is equipped with a factory installed anti-theft system (and most of the more affordable trim levels do not come with even this level of protection,) professional car thieves know how to defeat these systems because they are installed exactly the same way in the factory, and the blueprints to defeat them are available for anyone to read in the service manual! By contrast, your Compustar system receives a customized installation at your new car dealer that is not captured anywhere thieves can read it. Compustar leaves thieves guessing!

Auto theft statistics do not capture an equally grave multi-billion dollar problem: Content Theft. Though many new vehicles come from the factory with some type of immobilizer designed to prevent the vehicle from being “hot wired,” unfortunately these devices often lead to a false sense of security among vehicle owners. Not only can factory immobilizers be defeated by professional thieves, they do nothing to deter content theft. Many vehicle owners realize that their blinking LED is not a security system only when they find their vehicle vandalized and its contents looted, with no audible warning other than the brief tinkle of broken glass.

That’s where Compustar comes in! Compustar security systems use a state-of-the-art electromagnetic shock sensor to detect blows or impacts to the vehicle, and sophisticated electronics that know when to honk the horn to deter thieves and alert the vehicle owner that a crime is taking place. With Compustar, you’re protected!