Running Boards & Nerf Bars

One major difference between running boards and nerf bars is the stepping area.

Running boards provide a stepping pad that runs the entire length of the board, this allows for secure footing when stepping on all parts of the running board.

Nerf bars provide a stepping pad at each entry point of the vehicle and are oval in shape which can allow for a wider stepping area.

When trying to pick a length there are three different styles to think about:

· Cab Length: the board/bar will run the length of your cab only. It will stop right at or close to the beginning of your truck bed


· Wheel to Wheel: the board/bar will go from your front wheel to your rear wheel and will cover the entire length of your truck or SUV


· Bed Length: this style is only available in select running board styles. It is very similar to the Wheel to Wheel, however, it also has a piece that will fit the gap between the cab and rear wheel to complete the look.


When choosing your length you also need to consider your width/diameter. Nerf bars come in round or oval and offer 5 diameter options:


· 2 Inch


· 3 Inch


· 4 Inch

· 5 Inch

· 6 Inch

Oval nerf bars offer the largest diameter option, sizing up to 6 inches in diameter, whereas round nerf bars offer the smallest style with a 2 inch diameter.


Running boards are not offered with diameters due to their rectangular shape, however, they do come in a variety of widths:


· 4 Inches Wide

· 5 Inches Wide

· 6 Inches Wide


· 7 Inches Wide

Due to running boards being custom fit to the year make and model, the sizing may vary from product to product.

When choosing between a running board and a nerf bar you have to determine if you want a round, tubular style or a flat and rectangular style.


Nerf Bar Colors:

Black, Chrome, or Stainless Steel


Running Board Colors:

Black, Brushed, Chrome, Polished, Silver, and sometimes Painted